Not Quite William Tell
For the “Getting Closer” theme. I’m not sure where I have seen this idea. It was probably Finnish Donald Duck comic cover. Decided to test it to myself. Month without a selfie is a dull month, right? Background is a photo of pine needles which was colorized and then defocused with field blur.
Old Cars and Stuff
There were ‘Rompepäivät ja Ruska-ajot’ in Kuopio this weekend. Combined happening where they sell miscellaneous old stuff and old car enthusiast gather around. It seemed to interest people since the place was pretty crowded. I found an interesting old key chain and it looked so good that I just had to buy it.
Pencil Gathering
I didn’t quite have the patience to have all the caps evenly spaced between pencils. If I would do this now I would just photograph pencils and order them in photoshop.
In Two Halves
Back to the ‘Darkest Days’ project. Not very dark themed picture but has its place in the book. I used two Yongnuo flashes in the octagon softbox at 1/2 power. Although one flash with full power should give you as much light as two flashes at half power, two flashes charge faster. I also used...
Kuopio Rock, Day 2
Day two pictures from Kuopio Rock. Two day festivals are hard even without camera. Legs, knees and other joints start to ache. I guess I’m getting old…
Kuopio Rock, Day 1
I was lucky to get a media pass to the Kuopio Rock. I have been in numerous festivals but this was the first time with the camera. Photographing at the front of the stage was much more hectic that I’m used to, but after getting over the initial confusion I enjoyed it very much. These...