Darkest Days
Here we go again, a downward spiral Who am I to fight the gravity Cannot comprehend, you’re in denial I am at loss with my sanity   Put my foot down, my final stand Footing lost on a sloping plane Nothing to stop me from falling Nothing left for me to gain   The world...
Darkest Days released
First post about Darkest Days was in 13.12.2012 so it’s about a year I started (officially) making this book. One year was a good time frame for the project like this. There was enough time for everything and I didn’t feel too busy. This time my friend Jari Hämynen wrote the lyric. That was great...
I made a big mistake. When testing lights and adjusting settings I accidentally turned exposure time from 1/160s to bulb (I have set 1/160s to flash sync time so it’s only one click away). I used radio remote and exposures where around 1/4s. This was enough to add light to left cheek with a yellow...
Terminal Velocity II
I was not happy with the ‘Terminal Velocity’ picture for the ‘Darkest Days’ -book. I think it was too humorous for the theme of the book, so I went to local technology park and took some photos of tall/business buildings. I think the building on the right is the tallest building in Kuopio. Falling character...
Up, Right, Stop!, What?
This one is for the theme ‘picture in picture’. Modifying ‘Peeks‘ idea and played with hands more. Frame is the same frame that was used ‘In Two Halves’. This time I didn’t have to remove the mirror in it, just photographed it on the wall.
Dog in the Studio
First time photographing dogs in studio. They are a bit harder to guide than humans. Well I’m not very good at guiding models anyway. One of the reasons I have so many selfies, I guess. Pretty basic light, softbox at the front and bare flash with the reflector at the side/back.
“Pencil Gathering” is featured in “30 Fabulous Photos of Pencils” in Digital Photography School web page: 30 fabulous Photos of Pencils
Pohjois-Savon Kameraseurojen Piirikilpailu 2013
“The Individual?” got Honorable Mention in Pohjois-Savon Kameraseurojen Piirikilpailu (Camera Clubs of Northern Savo Competition).