Yearbook 2012-2013
I made a photo book that has my images from 2012-2013 that had some kind of success (even minor). Happy new year.
My Favorite Images from 2013
This year is about to end so here is the list of my favourite images that I have made this year.
Imagine this . . .   Once upon a time there was a king He had his realm and he had his queen But then came the end of the fairytale And he lost them both and all in between   Look at him now and you’d never know That one day he did have...
Despair II
I guess that for the most people ‘mood’ theme in this time of year brings happy christmas images to mind. But since I like dark themes mine are not those…
5th Finnish International Digital Circuit
PSA Bronze Medal for ‘Mmm, Chocolate’ from 5th Vision Salon.
Darkest Days -book
Physical copy of Darkest Days arrived from Blurb.
Not in a Mood
I was not in a mood to start any project so I went through some older photos and processed four of them. Three first are landscape shots with pretty basic editing but with the ‘Golden Path’ I wanted to test photoshop made lighting to get more painterly and fantasy like feel.
“Piirikilpailu” exhibition
“Piirikilpailu” photos are on display under the Kuopio market place.
Whack a Joker
I had some leftover pictures from joker shoot so I thought I’ll make another joker themed image. There was three decent pictures but I did not want to just place them side by side, so I photographed hammer to mimic old mole smashing game.
Fire and Ice
One for the opposites theme. Tested the new bigger gels in studio lights with this one. I used basic reflectors and just taped the gels into them and it worked nicely for this picture. Fire was photographed in fireplace with thick rope dipped to lamp oil and set on fire. Ice was a plate about...
Wooden Case 2
Description After finishing the first wooden computer case project I got lots of ideas how it could be made better. So I made some drawings and when the time was right I started building a another one. I got veneer for free from paper factory. They use veneer disks to cover big paper rolls and...