2nd International Western Ligurian Circuit
UPI Bronze for Peeks and PSA HM for Men from 3° Cervo Prize and UPI HM for Peeks from 29° Torria Prize.
Continuing with the devil theme. This time adding some hell fire…
Lucifer’s Remorse
Going away from basic photography to the direction of digital art. But dark themes are still going strong. Devil mask was photographed for this picture and other stuff like sky, crosses were found from older photos. I made smoke & debris brush for this image myself. Debris brush was made from a photograph and smoke...
Bright City Lights
One for the city lights theme. I am what I am so I had to make one selfie too.
The Army of Unknowns
From the same shootout that ‘Don’t Look, Don’t Tell’ was. This time playing with masks. In on of the five shots one of the two back flashes did not fire and I used only mask from that shot.
Simple portrait of my son. I found graffiti shots from ‘Taking a dump’ shoot and used one of them as a background.
Don’t Look, Don’t Tell
I browsed my notebook and  took several images for the ideas I found. This is the first one made from three shots. Spots were hard to get on the eyes by myself so I photographed those separately and added them in post.
Eyes Wide & Shut
Movie inspired title but nothing to do with the movie. Just wanted to do something a bit surreal.
Under the Kuopio Marketplace
As a photographer of the year in local camera club I got an opportunity to put some of my photos on display under the Kuopio marketplace. It’s in the Apaja-hallway near Anttila entrance when you come in from the underground parking lot.
Couple of new poster designs for the local camera club. This year Kuopio camera club is responsible of the yearly exhibition of The Association of Finnish Camera Clubs and another one is for the exhibition of the ‘Digifotomaraton’ pictures.
KKS Photographer of the Year
Based on the monthly competitions I got Photographer of the Year award from local camera club and ended up to the local newspaper.