Struck by a lightning out of the blue Such a beautiful morning Never imagined that we could be through An end without warning   Life as I knew it is here no more Can’t tell where it takes me Feeling unreal like never before Why don’t someone wake me   Horror of all horrors I...
8° French Digital Tour
Salon Bronze for Men from 8° French Digital Tour – 16° Salon International de Bagnols/Marcoule, France. Also the catalog CD had a familiar image on the front cover.
Tortured Mind
I found this nice tutorial about making wounds and blood in photoshop and I had to try it.
Obsession of Light
PSA Silver for Men from Obsession of Light – 2nd Vantaa Photoclub International Salon, Finland.
Men in DPS
“Men” was featured in “The Essence of Masculinity – Portraits of Men” in Digital Photography School web page: The Essence of Masculinity – Portraits of Men
Day’s work is done Going out in town If pleasures seeked Then pleasures found   Eyes on the prize In the harm’s way Casting the die Making their day   They want war Men of peace Leave me be Exit, please   Gestures ever threatening Killer instict kicking in If you lay your hand on...