Sweat Dreams
Since it’s halloween time I thought that I make one image for the occasion. I have orc skull that I photographed with the same lights I used for myself. Then I photoshopped some of the skull to my face. One thing that I have started to use is notes layer. I first saw it used in Phlearn...
Duality in Phlearn Weekend Inspiration
Duality in Phlearn Weekend Inspiration CXX “Halloween Edition”
5. Seuracup
Honorable Mention for Men from 5. Seuracup 2014, Finland.
Feeling Light-headed
Or as Dali might say “Light-headed dream caused by the alarm clock a second before waking up”. I have always liked surreal art and currently I seem to enjoy more working on a pen tablet than behind the camera, so making photo manipulations suites that well. This picture started from a balloon idea and it developed on the...
4 April XIX International Salon of Art Photographs “Miniature”
Salon Gold for Reaching for the Sky from 4 April XIX International Salon of Art Photographs “Miniature”, Serbia.
Key to my Heart
“Key to my Heart” – One Eyeland Picture of the Day
Continuing with the “Finger Puppets” theme and making surreal self portraits. Already thinking more ideas for these kind of pictures… Lighting was basic one softbox light at front and above.
Cutting Board
I thought that some woodworking would do for this morning and made a cutting board for photos and cardboard etc. Now it has stoppers for A5, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm so it covers most of my use.