Yearbook 2014
To continue the tradition(?) I made a yearbook for 2014 too.
I haven’t been in a mood for photography lately, but I did have my camera with me in couple of walks. Trees seem to have nice snow cover on them so got some pictures before the years end. Light in the dark picture is taken in day light but it was a bit dull so...
5th Luxemburg International Digital Contest
FIAP HM for Mmm, Chocolate from 5th Luxemburg International Digital Contest 2014, Luxemburg.
Black Christmas
It’s that time of the year Madness rears its ugly head Pollution for all senses I wish I could stay in bed   I hate all those carols Don’t want to hear a single song It is opium for the masses None of which I feel to belong   I hate all that pretention Good...
6th Finland International Digital Circuit
UPI HM for The Duel from 6th Finland International Digital Circuit 2014 – 1st Vihti Salon, Finland.  
New Studio Setup
I have an old laptop which doesn’t have a working keyboard and mouse (Fanta and keyboards don’t work together nicely). With bluetooth mouse and keyboard it’s still usable in studio so I bought a laptop stand for the tripod. Self portraits should be a bit easier now.
Trierenberg Super Circuit
Gold Medal of Excellence for Mmm, Chocolate from Trierenberg Super Circuit 2014, Austria.
Pentaprism Cover Image
Movember selected as Pentaprism cover image
When I took Yopparai pictures at the cottage weekend we agreed an another photo shoot with Antti. Since he has nice beard I was thinking badass look with some humour. I used my favourite lighting setup, two side lights and one front light. This time I used beauty dish with diffusor for the front. For the...
The 4th Golden Digital Salon
Salon HM for Men from The 4th Golden Digital Salon 2014, Denmark.  
Week of the Gnome
For some reason I have couple of gnome pictures for this week. Lighting was a simple one light with reflector setup, so there’s nothing special. I had this doorway photographed earlier from Puijo Tower and had an idea of a gnome standing in front of it. Gnomes live in forests, I guess, so I took...