Business Portrait
I guess it was my turn to try a business portrait. Local camera club theme for this month is ‘Dark Side’ so I guess this business theme suites it well. If you ask me the dark side here is from the neck down. During the shoot we went from four light setup to one light...
Hot Chili
I got smoke images from the last visit to camera club studio so I though I’ll use them for something. I was in a local super market and bought some chilis. It was actually pretty mild and the tip were there are no seeds tasted like paprika. Well it worked as a prop.
The Game
Got this idea of a series of images when I was walking to a studio for an another shoot. I wanted to play with graphical elements and strong contrast with this series. Lighting setup for the images was simple 60x90cm softbox on top and reflector at the bottom. Images with white background had another bare...
DFM 2015 Poster
New poster for the photo competition ‘Digifotomaraton’ held by Kuopio Camera Club this summer for the 18th time.
Haunted House
Half way editing this haunted house image I started thinking why I chose my own head as the haunted house. I think Freud might find something here… This image started as a pencil drawing and then I just used my old images to get it to together. Chimney I didn’t have in my photos so I...
The Eyes are the Mirror of the Soul
The Eyes are the Mirror of the Soul in Dark Beauty Magazine
Cross Eyed
“Cross Eyed” – One Eyeland Picture of the Day
Wannabe Rock Star
When I made the ‘Movember’ picture with vhs tape, I thought that it could work as a hair too. This lead to another humour picture, this time with a wannabe rock star theme. For the props I took my top hat and but some buttons on it, sunglasses and old guitar hero guitar from my son....
Anatomy of a Ski Jump
“Anatomy of a Ski Jump” – One Eyeland Picture of the Day