La Muerte
I was assisting JP Palmunen with sugar skull makeup themed shoot and got to take couple of shots myself. One of the shots was actually for testing lights but it was so humorous that I decided to include it in the final pictures.
Summer Photos
Although it’s been so cold I’m not sure this can be called summer. Still after photographing mainly in studio for a long and cold winter it was time to get some fresh air for the camera in a form of couple of photo trips. With fellow photographers one of the trips headed to Botania, botanical and...
Customs Inspection
Continuing with the Mr Black character. This picture started as a joke but it was too fun idea not to do it for real. I guess this is the scene that happened before the courtroom picture. We tested the iPad timelapse feature during the shooting and I added some editing phases to the end to...
Joker Shoot
  I was assisting/documenting JP in the joker themed shoot. Here’s resulting time-lapse from the makeup.
28° Concorso Fotografico Internazionale di San Marino
FIAP Silver for No Hero from 28° Concorso Fotografico Internazionale di San Marino 2015, San Marino. As a bonus there was a 10 euro silver proof coin in the package, nice.
15th Malmö International Exhibition of Photographic Art
UPI HM for Mood Dial from 15th Malmö International Exhibition of Photographic Art 2015, Sweden.
Blind Justice
Dystopian courtroom. Mr Black character was obvious choice for this image. We have both used this character with JP in our pictures and it is quite versatile. JP was again helping me at the studio and it took us 1½ hours to build the set. I wanted to do an image that is mainly black and...
The Last Second
The Last Second in Pentaprism Magazine – Highlights