Negative or Not
I photographed dandelion focus stack in summer but it’s been sitting on my hard drive. Now I decided to make something out of it. I put negative and positive side by side but tried to do it so that you have to think twice which one is which. Not sure if I succeeded…
When Monsters Cry
Layers video for When Monsters Cry image. Lighting setup for the image was simple. One light with beauty dish and grid over head.
BSPA Super Circuit Freedom
Salon Silver for Mmm, Chocolate from BSPA Super Circuit Freedom 2015 – Barishal, Bangladesh.
Well that didn’t take long. I couldn’t help myself and I had to dig up Mr Black from the grave. I was watching tv series which had a police interrogation scene it in. I thought that I missed that from the dystopian series. Next day I was walking for an hour and all the pieces...
Random Shots
I haven’t photographed a lot outdoors lately. This week I kept my camera with me on couple of walks. Out of studio photography feels strange, so I guess it was time to take some random shots outdoors although it’s not what I want to do all the time…
2nd Queensland International Digital Circuit
Salon HM for Crystal Ball World from 2nd Queensland International Digital Circuit 2015 – Townsville, Australia and Salon Silver for Brownie from 2nd Queensland International Digital Circuit 2015 – Mount Gravatt, Australia.
I have a feeling that I overthink things way too much, so I made an image to the mutation series about that. Photos were taken with simple one light setup with umbrella octabox.
1x Curator’s Choice
Curator’s Choice for “Men” in
Basic lighting for basic portrait. Works for women too at least when you are not going for charming look.