1st Exhibition of Photography “Rock” – Vidin
Salon silver for Star Max from 1st Exhibition of Photography “Rock” 2015 – Vidin, Bulgaria.
I was inspired by this Alias Academy wetplate collodion youtube video. In my version I used my own textures and some found from Nik Analog Efex pro 2. I added Nik textures using 50% gray layer in overlay mode so I could use layer masks to apply texture only in areas where I wanted it.
Feeling Light-Headed
Feeling Light-Headed in Pentaprism Magazine #7 – Creative Section
More for the series, this time with tyranny theme. I made couple of things for this image. I needed baton and fake plastic ones with postage were more expensive than cheap garden hoe. I just added some paracord to make a handle. I also think this wooden one worked much better in the picture which...
AC Foto German Mega Circuit
PSA Best of Show Gold for Blind Justice from AC Foto German Mega Circuit 2015 – 12th Swabian International, Germany Salon Bronze for Reaching for the Sky from AC Foto German Mega Circuit 2015 – 11th Main Spessart International, Germany FIAP HM for Jail Time from AC Foto German Mega Circuit 2015 – 12th Swabian...
Dystopian Democratic Republic
Comply – or else Innocence is no excuse for your self-defence You must obey See things in the light they say If you are not with them You must be against them That is the way their thinking goes They see themselves as royalty Doubting them is a travesty Anywhere they look there are foes...
EFIAP & PPSA Diplomas arrived today. Nice timing.
When Monsters Cry
When Monsters Cry in PHLEARN Weekend Inspiration CLXVII “Halloween”