8th International Artistic Photo Contest
Salon HM for Singing Together from 8th International Artistic Photo Contest 2015, Vietnam.
Turn Around and Open Your Eyes
First I thought that I try panorama software for this but it didn’t seem to work although I had plenty of pictures (24) for 360 view. After failure I took five pictures to photoshop and blended them manually. See video below for all the layers in photoshop.
Square International Photography Competition
Salon HM for Upward and FIAP HM for Silent Partner from Square International Photography Competition 2015, Oman.
Self Caricature
“Self Caricature” – One Eyeland Picture of the Day
Self Caricature
I wanted to try a caricature picture. I took several images and selected two to make the final picture. Next day I thought that I add a camera to the image and I took couple of additional images. I used puppet warp, liquify and many ways of transform a lot in this image. I’m quite happy...
Old & New
Since we had the old style scenery background at the studio when I photographed this image I wanted to try to make it look like an old photograph card. But I couldn’t help myself and I also post processed the picture like I would normally do so I ended up with two versions of the...
Mr Black
“Mr Black” – 500px Editors’ Choice
Nordic Society of Photography
Some of my photographs feature in Nordic Society of Photography.
I photographed these images with gangster series. We just played with some props in the studio to make humour images. At the post processing stage I wanted to add a bit more story to the images and added backgrounds that I think takes the images more to the direction of satire. I made the star and...