51° Salào Jauense Internacional de Arte Fotografica
FIAP HM for Men from 51° Salào Jauense Internacional de Arte Fotografica 2016, Brazil.
Behind the Mask
Another image with the messy wig. This image was taken a month ago with the previous image. Sometimes these take some time to finish. White mask is one of the first masks I have bought for photography and the frame was a big mirror that I photographed last summer for cases like this.
I thought that I make my version of an angel and devil on my shoulders idea. This goes also to my ongoing mutations series. I found the wings from my old photos, so I just added those to the image with some shadows. I had horns that should stay on your head with the glue. Well that...
PhotoArt Prague International Photographic Salon
GPU Gold for Army of Unknowns from PhotoArt Prague International Photographic Salon 2016, Czech.
Back home from the Fotofinlandia trip to Helsinki (and Tampere). I didn’t have a budget to make prints that I wanted so I had to settle to normal prints. I thought I’ll highlight the simple prints by hanging them on the wall as plain prints. First I was going to use magnets but I changed...