Story about communication in relationships nowadays. iPads were used as lights in this picture with two yongnuo speedlights, so I used higher iso and wider aperture as usual. Other yongnuo was on a boom with beauty dish and grid, other was bounced from the wall behind the camera for fill.
Food Images
I made couple of images to the food theme. I have seen this egg sperm thing done with at least spring onions, carrots and sprouts. I managed to get the egg broken but at that point I was tired enough that I thought I’ll fix it in post, which was a quick fix. I have...
Like Yoko and John
I thought that this image inspired by Rolling Stones magazine cover of Yoko Ono and John Lennon would fit nicely to my relationship series. It gets quite a lot more macabre with fat piggy lying in the bed and I also wanted to make an image where woman seems to be more interested about the camera...
PSA Journal – Image of the Year
PSA Journal January 2017 – Image of the Year Competitions.
1st Nordic International Digital Circuit
NFFF Gold for Blind Justice (Oslo, Norway) and PSA Gold for Lost (Helsinki, Finland) from 1st Nordic International Digital Circuit, 2016.
Obsession of Light
FIAP Bronze for Lost and FIAP Silver for Light in the Dark from Obsession of Light – 5th Vantaa Photoclub International Salon, 2016, Finland.
4th Olympic Photographic Circuit
PSA Gold for Tyranny from 4th Olympic Photographic Circuit – Salon Apollo, 2016, Greece.
3rd International Salon of Photography “Photo Artist”
Salon HM for Facepalm from 3rd International Salon of Photography “Photo Artist” 2016, Switzerland.
Weather Radar Station
I guess it was a mandatory take your camera outside day. We went to a weather radar station south of Kuopio called Oinosenmäki. The hill were the radar station stands is quite bald so you can see to all the directions from there. Since sun rises around 9:40 it didn’t mean early wakeup and we...