Cross-section of a Man
“Is this who I am. How strongly this defines me?” More food photography this time with back-lit vegetables and fruits. Didn’t have a stand this low so I put some spigots together to a rod. There was some bending in spigots after the shoot and it was not the sturdiest setup but it got the job done.
Heart of Stone
After all the shit he had to come through his heart had turned into a stone. He ripped it out to the open and asked: “Are you happy now?”. The surrounding walls didn’t respond and the agony of silence was all he had.
10th International Color Awards
Nominee for Mmm, Chocolate and HM for Blind Justice in Fine Art from 10th International Color Awards, 2017.
Kazakhstan Diagama
IUP HM for Lost from Kazakhstan Diagama, Kazakhstan, 2016.  
2nd New Bi-Continental Photo Circuit
Salon Silver for 2nd New Bi-Continental Photo Circuit – Mediterranean Salon, Greece, 2016.
Perspective Four – International Salon of Fine Art Photography
Salon Bronze for Mmm, Chocolate and PSA HM for Blind Justice from Perspective Four – International Salon of Fine Art Photography, india, 2016.
11° French Digital Tour
Salon Gold for the Crap from the Sky (3° Saint Martin de la Crau), IUP Bronze fro the Man’s Best Friend (3° Saint Martin de la Crau) and IUP HM for Winter Frost (19° Salon International de Bagnols / Marcoule) from 11° French Digital Tour, 2016, France.
Studio Boy
I have some unconventional nude images and I wanted to take part of photo competition that has a nude category. You can upload four images to each category and I could find only three. I remembered Mario Testino’s youtube video which has self portrait nude with a studio light. I have a habit to go...