Male Portraits
We had a male portrait day at the studio. Original plan was to photograph Jan-Peter’s new tattoo but couple of camera club members joined us at the studio and I managed to capture one additional portrait as well.
Intercontinental Circuit
Salon HM for Blind Justice and Lost from VI Saló Internacional Fotogràfic Digital – Andorra la Vella and PSA Gold for Men from GaudiRfoto IV Saló Internacional de Fotografia Reu – Catalunya, Intercontinental Circuit, 2017.
PID Individual Creative Competition 2
Judge’s Choice for Finger Puppets and HM for Can I Play with Madness from PSA PID Individual Creative Competition 2, USA, 2017.
123rd Toronto International Salon of Photography
IAAP HM for Tyranny and Key to My Heart from 123rd Toronto International Salon of Photography, Canada, 2016.
New Year Circuit
Salon HM for Winter Frost from New Year Circuit – Ruma, Serbia, 2017.
5th Greek Photographic Circuit – Crete
GAP Silver for Winter Frost from 5th Greek Photographic Circuit – Crete, Greece, 2017.
1st Hyvinkaa International Exhibition of Photographic Art
Salon Bronze for Jail Time from 1st Hyvinkaa International Exhibition of Photographic Art, Finland, 2016.
Lifelike Emojis
I tested the faceapp and it worked pretty badly for my face. I was taking passport photo for my son and thought that I could do some face twisting and it escalated pretty quickly. At post I presented the images in similar fashion than in the app with emojis.
3rd Fine Art Photography Awards
Nominee for Dystopia in Fine Art from 3rd Fine Art Photography Awards, 2017.  
All That Remains
Blast from the past. I really like these doors and I returned to the crime scene almost two years later. I took just the middle part of the photo and added it to the “jail time” to get diptych that has exactly the same look. This adds quite a lot of darkness to the story...
Judgement Day
It was time to get dangerous and play with the matches. It took some time to get the light the way I wanted, but still life is good for playing with the lights. Nobody gets nervous when you put up setup number eleven…
Dystopia in Torture Magazine
Dystopia photo essay in Torture magazine.
These are what I call character portraits. They are part tests how the character design works, but also images themselves. I take these in studio whether or not I’m planning to use the actual character in studio. Currently I’m planning a series of images where this guy hangs out with death. I’m pretty happy how this...