Capitalist Pig
I got these new background hooks to the ceiling and I wanted to test it with some idea. This macabre capitalist pig came to my mind and I had all the props to do it. It was much easier to put setup now that there is much more on the sides. I also get longer...
VW Kleinbus
I found this vw kleinbus at the side of the road in Kuopio. It had just rained when we went to light paint the car so we got some nice reflections on the asphalt.
PID Individual Creative Competition 4
PSA HM for Self Caricature from PID Individual Creative Competition 4 2017.
Nordiskt fotomästerskap
NSFF Gold for Men and NFFF HM for Petri from Nordiskt fotomästerskap 2017.
Portrait Circuit
PSA Gold for Petri and PSA HM for Machette from Portrait Circuit 2017, Haifa Israel.
Hoylake International Exhibition
Salon Gold (Best Botany) for Mushroom Wall from Hoylake International Exhibition 2017, England.
Danube Digital Circuit
PSA Gold, Salon Bronze and ICS HM for Winter Frost, Salon HM for Blind Justice and FIAP HM for Arm Wrestling from Danube Digital Circuit 2017, Serbia, Belarus, Bulgaria & Romania.
Men in Dansk Fotografi Magazine
Men featured in “Nordisk Mesterskab i Fotografi” – Dansk Fotografi Magazine.
I was asked to take a new profile picture so I tried a new lighting setup to keep things interested. I found a portrait (which I can’t find anymore) that I tried to mimic by guessing the light setup from the picture. Nice exercise and I’m quite happy with the result.