Light Stand Holders
After selling some stuff and buying some that fit better to the selves I thought that I’ll add some holders for light stands. Now they stand in a nice row when not used. Those holders are from the garden section of the local hardware store. They are normally used for rakes. My home studio has...
New theme for the Blog
A small summer project. Picture centric and very minimal style for wordpress. Some website design and some coding so not all coding skills are forgotten…
A Little Snack
Last vampire image in this style. I will probably do some more but I have a bit different ideas for those…
MIFA 2018
Moscow International Foto Awards 2018 – Silver in Fine Art-Other for Imperfect.
AFCC Gold Badge of Merit – SKsL Kultainen Ansiomerkki
Master of Time
“Time is an illusion.” ― Albert Einstein