Dead Love
Found this leaf that looked like a heart and started playing with it. I used bounce flash from the roof to get even light. In photoshop several textures were used to get the final result.
Fitness shoot
Rough fitness style images with Jake and one extra with a more conceptual idea. I don’t know what neighbours thought but It is actually really hard to act screaming without making noise so Jake had to yell, but so no loudly, for the Roar image.
Battle Axe
We were playing with the metal detector at the summer cottage and found this really rusty axe head. I thought that this could make a nice battle axe prop. So here’s a little restoration project to make a battle axe. Other items used: cheap mattock (new), old leather jacket and metal button.  It’s suprisingly heavy...
Skullhead image to hone photoshop skills after summer break…
“Kerroksia” Photo Exhibition Now Open
“Kerroksia” photo exhibition is now open in art centre Väinölä, Varkaus, Finland. It’s open until 28.9 Mon-Fri 10-17.