Wet Kiss
Part two of just wanted to photograph something totally different… Found this nice looking perfume bottle from my wifes cabinet.
Paint Swirl
I just wanted to photograph something totally different… I put tennis ball on drill, some acrylic paint and used Godox AD200 to stop the time. AD200 kept up nicely with continuous shooting in minimum power. If I’ll do this again I’ll try: Do not crop too tightly Try better black background further away. Cover drill...
Questions, part II
Second set of questions came from Noah Callen: 1. What do you believe is the benefit of conveying a message through images rather than words? Words, images and art in general are all powerful ways to express yourself. Images are just most natural way for me. I think the camera and photoshop are the tools...
Questions, part I
Recently I have got couple on inquiries from art students that if I could answer to some questions. It was interesting to answer these since there was things that I haven’t really thought before and I found this useful for myself too. Here’s the first one from Daniel Reader (Instagram @DRphotoartuk).   Within in the...
PSA Image of the Year 2017
PSA Image of the Year 2017 / Color section  
FDC 2018, 4th Kuopio Salon Poster design. Keeping the clean design that has been deemed appropriate.
New Model
I wanted a “new model” for my home studio. I first thought of mannequin but then I found a better solution, a skeleton. Suites better for my style. For the introduction image I wanted to test image that mimics old patent applications.