Setups and edits from 2018/Q4
Setups and edits from 2018/Q4.
Self Portraiture Day
I opened my inspiration folder and decided to took some self-portraits. Perhaps a new profile image…
Panorama Portrait
I wanted to try photographing portrait as a panorama. Kind of simulating bigger sensor/film size. I ended up of having a 14338×17922 (256MPix) image. It can be zoomed quite a lot… I did the stitching of the images by hand. I found it quite easy and gave the best results.
Intro Animation
Intro animation design for Photoshop panel that I’m working on. No release dates yet.
Randezvous at the Station
Winter is coming. I managed to get the shot from the old railway station before snow (and before they demolish the whole thing). I didn’t have time to get all the gear there so I photographed characters in home studio. Sky/lake and mountains (From Swiss alps photographed during interrail 1999) were also swapped in post...