How I Move – Olli
Olli dropped by and we took this image pair for the the “How I Move” -series. Already had couple of motorbikes but this is first bicycle. Different vehicles are a bit different to photograph. Learning new things from every shoot.  
“Men” featured in “The Elements of Art and Principles of Design applied to photography (2)” – Magazine.
How I Move – Jake
Next one for the “How I Move” project. There is a nice looking forest just beside the road in Puijo so we photographed this bike there. There was more than enough of mosquitos in the forest so we didn’t want to spent more time photographing that we had to. One even ended in the final...
How I Move – Markus
Another summer project is getting first pictures. It’s a series of image pairs with portrait and how different peoples move from place A to B. Portrait is photographed in studio or on location with one light setup and simple background. “Conveyance” is light painted with one strobe on location.
AFCC Exhibition in Helsinki
AFCC has “Eminenssikuvaajien Näyttelyvaliot” group exhibition in Helsinki. It has couple of my images and one ended up in the exhibition poster.