Finnfoto PhotoNyt
Finnfoto PhotoNyt evening in Kuopio 28.10.2019 16-21, Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi.  
Black Widow, part 1
These images were photographed in July. It took some time to get these ready but halloween is just around the corner so it’s now good time to finnish these. We were in an abandoned school here in eastern Finland. It offered some rough backgrounds for the shoot although most of the space was unusable (floor...
Setups and edit from 2019/Q2.
How I Move – Lauri
I did this “How I Move” shoot as a training for the local camera club. Camera club has it’s studio in a cave/air-raid shelter so we drove the Fiat 500 inside. It had plenty of room for the car.
Light Painting Basics
A short video for local camera club training about light painting.
How I Move – Matti
Another Yamaha VMax for the series. Owner liked the locomotive background of the first one so I used it for this one too. This locomotive is from the Kuopio railway station.