“Life of an Artist” in Petapixel
Petapixel shared the story about the “Life of an Artist”.
Life of an Artist, The Story
This is a photo series about the life of an artist and struggles that might come along with it. I got a project grant from NFFF (Nordic Society of Photography) for this project in early 2019. I have gathered ideas during the year 2019 and now I have been working with this set for a...
Life of an Artist, Part III
Rest of the images for the “Life of an Artist” -series. I’ll write a longer story from this series at some point…
ND Awards 2019
HM for “How I Move” (5 images) in People: Portrait category and HM for “Masculinity” (5 images) in Fine Art: Conceptual category from ND Awards 2019.
FDC 2019, 5th Kuopio Salon Poster design. Keeping the clean design that has been deemed appropriate.
Life of an Artist, Part II
Life of an Artist continues with couple of images…
Life of an Artist
I got a project grant from NFFF for this project and I’m finally getting first images out from this project. Building the set took some time and practise but now the basic set is ready and future images only need smaller pieces.. It’s a bit different from my usual style but learning things keeps this interesting....
“The day I met death” critiqued by the Fstoppers guys in the “Critique the Community – Moody Images”. First thing that came to mind was a Seinfeld episode. Not bad at all.
bifa hm for masculinity series from Budabest Foto Awards.
Happy ‘Spook+tacular’ Halloween
Couple of my images featured in 1x Magazine – Happy ‘Spook+tacular’ Halloween