Kuopio Poster
I’m renovating my workroom and wanted to design some artwork for the new walls. I stumbled upon this nice city roads project that enables you to see and download all roads (and nothing else) in vector form. It uses open street map data to do this so the map is very detailed. If you are...
More infrared
Couple of more infrared images from the summer.
Burning Breakfast Critiqued
”Burning Breakfast” critiqued by Antti Karppinen in the Kohinaa channel in “Photoshopped” theme.
1x – Growing old is not for sissies
”Day at the Gym” featured in 1x Magazine – Growing old is not for sissies.
Joker, part 2
Part 2 of the Joker images. Some ideas changed in the editing stage so there are some drastic crops and background changes.
Mmm Chocolate Critiqued
”Mmm, chocolate” critiqued by Antti Karppinen in the Kohinaa channel in “Self Portrait” theme.  
1x – Night Photography
”The Duel” featured in “1x magazine – Night Photography: Technical Basics“.  
Joker, part 1
Again in the back corridors of camera club studio. This time with a Joker shoot. I just love these surroundings for this kind of shoots.