We did a fantasy/scifi themed photoshoot. I wanted to test some photoshop painted “light” backgrounds for couple of these. For the “Loki: Darkness” I painted (scifi) night background. Moon is real. I photographed it from our balcony years ago. Oh and the Tesseract was hand painted too in photoshop (little bit in Inkscape too).
Trierenberg Quintessence 2000-2020
“Mmm, Chocolate” featured in Trierenberg Super Circuit Quintessence 2000-2020 book. Images were selected from more than 1 500 000 images sent to Tierenberg Super Circuit in the past 20 years.
Gobo Holder featured in…
DIY Photography: How I Built a Diy Gobo Projector for Under $30 Petapixel: How I Made a DIY Gobo Holder for Studio Strobes 3DPrint.com: 3D Printed GOBO Projector Holder and Adapter Made by Award-Winning Finnish Photographer
1x – Do You See? Really? Do You? What Do You See?
”The Duel” featured in “1x magazine – Do You See? Really? Do You? What Do You See?“.
Gobo Holder
DIY GOBO HOLDER I wanted a device that can throw light patterns onto a wall or a model. There are some commercially available but they are quite expensive and I this was only for occasional use. I thought that this is something that can be 3D printed. I bought Bowens mounting ring and cheap macro...