Slaughterhouse 42
Now that I have the meat cleaver and halloween is coming I though I make couple of horror images. It felt really good to make a) self portraits and b) horror images in a long time.
Meat Cleaver
I tried to find used meat cleaver online for photography prop but could not find that look good to me. I decided to make a fake one from leftover plexiglass and old oak door sill. You can find the process below in slideshow and video form.
Top 10 Fine Art Photo Contest 2020
Bronze (Conceptual) for “You do what I tell you” and Finalist (Conceptual) for “Our Minds” from One Eyeland Top 10 Fine Art Photo Contest 2020.
How I Move – PX3 Silver
PX3 Silver for “How I Move” Series (Portraiture/other – non-professional) from Paris France.