Setups and edits from 2020 2nd Half
Setups and edits from 2020 2nd Half.
I bought this knife from Greece when I was twenty. It’s been in the drawer pretty much since. It finally found its place in this image. You find knives in your back, but don’t let them turn your heart to stone. It feels vulnerable but that is the real courage.
Chromatic Awards 2020
Honorable Mention (Conceptual) for “You do what I tell you” from Chromatic Awards 2020.
Three Monkeys
Image based on an old Japanese proverb about the three monkeys.
Making the Room
A short tutorial of how the room for the dark room series was made in photoshop.
Burning at both ends
For this image, I build a similar studio scene also in a 1:6 scale where I photographed the candle. I have several ideas where I’m gonna use it with different 1:6 scale objects. Burning the candle at both ends. You know it’s gonna backfire on you, but you still do it. You are never gonna...
The Dark Room
I was listening to my favourite band Sentenced and their album “The Cold White Light”. While listening I started thinking “Should I make images from the songs in my favourite album?”. That was the original plan in February 2020. Now ideas have gone on their own way and I have over forty sketches in my...
Everything is Shit
I still have this old toilet seat that I used in the “Taking a Dump” series. It had some dirt on it for being outside for so long. Worked perfectly for this. Everything is shit, except piss. Shit goes in, shit comes out. Everything is shit, except piss.
The Mask
I made this mask for a self-portrait series. Since I’m working in a home studio on my own I take the mask off constantly after a couple of frames (visibility in the mask is very limited as is expected). So wrapping the bandage was not an option for every shot. I managed to get the...