The Kiss of Death
The first image from the second shoot and tenth in the series. Still, a lot of ideas left. I have been releasing these once a week and if I could do that for half a year that would be a nice goal. Currently, I greatly enjoy working on a longer project which I haven’t done...
I used this protective plastic already in previous pig/horror images. It looked so good that I included it in this breakthrough idea too. Trapped inside the agony. Trapped inside the misery. I am a prisoner of my mind and I want to break free.
Waiting for the Coffin
For this image, I used the coffin that I made earlier from XPS foam. I think these scale models fit quite nicely to the images like this. Real size coffin would have been expensive and hard to store. The serenity of the coffin, so alluring. Endless darkness, so forgiving.
DIY Cable Relief
I wanted some extra protection for the tethering cable and found this old neck strap for a USB stick (I think). I glued it to a short USB cable that I have to use anyway since it has the right 90-degree angle. I need that so I can still use the L plate also in...
Mental Wheel
For this image, I made the “mental wheel” in roughly 1:6 scale. It’s made from cardboard, wood, bamboo sticks, popsicle sticks, XPS foam and inkjet print. Then I painted it to look quite rustic. How are you gonna feel today? Like spinning the wheel, you never know. Probably anything good though.    
Blond Vampire
My son blonded his hair during holidays so we took couple of portraits.
Eternal Pain
My favourite band Sentenced has many songs about suicide. Contrary to what many might think they are empowering, not depressing. Since this whole series started from a Sentenced album, it could not be complete without an image about suicide. The end is nigh. The eternal pain will finally go away and everlasting peace will take...