14th International Color Awards
HM for Our Minds in Fine Art from 14th International Color Awards, 2021.
Trust you seek
Another photo with Frank the skeleton. This time he got the dress on and the bomb from the old picture. Trust you seek but shall not find. The riddle near you will hunt you down.
How to combine mental issues and theme fire. I have played with matches before and I thought that they work in this theme too.
13 O’Clock
This was one of the first ideas for this series. I was thinking between the hourglass and the alarm clock but the alarm clock with the number 13 won. Trying to stop the time? It is useless. You got what you got. It is how you use it.
Angel Crusher
Angel character can be found in many religions. As an atheist myself I don’t have religious views for it. For this image, I see it as a vulnerable human being whose wings are easily broken in today’s unforgiving world. This idea came from Stam1na’s song title “Enkelinmurskain” (Angel Crusher) and I mean the title only....
The Dark Room featured in…
DIY Photography: The Dark Room Photo Project Mixes Life-size Models with 1:6 Scale Diy Props Petapixel: The Dark Room: Shooting a Series with Life-Size Models and 1:6 Scale Props
Balanced Life
I stood on a couple of wooden blocks here. Even then I had to take most of the images without the mask since it was too much for my balance. I have only one cube so this image had to be made from several images anyway. You are hanging by a thread and trying not...
The Dark Room: The Story
Photoart project mixing life-size models, 1:6 scale props and digital backgrounds. I was listening to my favourite band Sentenced and their album “The Cold White Light”. While listening I started thinking “Should I make images from the songs in my favourite album?”. Well, that was the original plan in February 2020. Now ideas have gone...