Sound of Silence
I got this idea when making the three monkeys image. I thought that clouds might look good on the sides. The idea went to the sketchbook and I took the shot in the later shoot. All you hear is silence. All you feel is numbness. All you see is emptiness.
My Only One
I had heart-shaped balloons but I guess they were old since they did burst when I tried to blow air into them. Well, it was quite easy to edit the normal balloon to look like one. So much cry. So much pain. Still missing you, my only one.
The endless rain
Last of the XPS miniatures used in these images. This time the bathtub of stone. I was sitting on our balcony in 2019 and looked at the sky. It was a good cloud day, so I fetched my camera and took about one hundred cloud images during the day. Images are used as brushes or...
Roles I Have to Play
I just love using masks in my images. You just can use them in so many ways to tell stories. And for this image, there is plenty of them. Again a different role for today. Too scared to be yourself. Playing something you think others want to see. But it is just your empty shell.