I wanted to make something colourful for the “black” theme. The original idea came from the painting “The Son of Man” by René Magritte. I decided to make something similar for myself. I needed colourful fruit, and I found oranges in the kitchen. I used the same colour for the background.
Raven Queen
I was assisting Merja and Rowenna Fox in their shoot. During the shoot, I had an opportunity to take a couple of frames myself. From the props we had in hand, I selected this raven. It had an unpleasant smell but looked good in the image.
Borderless exhibition
Happy to be a part of the “Borderless” Exhibition located in Galeri RJ Katamsi, ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia, a collaboration between Photography Society of America Worldwide and Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta.
Spare Heads
A bit more photoshop intensive image. It’s been a while since I have done these crazy humour images. Nice to do this kind of stuff too. It’s kind of a counterbalance for the darker images I usually do.