The Staircase
I looked at this staircase already the last time, but now I had an idea for it. I think placing the flash upstairs worked really well in this case.
The Gathering
This long bench was still there and still in one piece. I took five exposures to get some exorcist vibes to the image.
Dance of Death
Last-minute idea from Johanna before leaving the school. Flash with a long exposure (1.0s) to get this eerie feeling to the image.
I’m Waiting
All windows have been broken for a long time. Some have still some pieces attached and look nice with the strobe.
Out of the Crapper
Old crapper in the house across the yard. Not sure if this is teachers crapper. There was also one with multiple holes behind the rightmost door, probably for the pupils.
We Are Gonna Get You
The schoolyard is now quite full of vegetation. Good for some autumn shots.
Hello my friend
Horror-themed photoshoot for Halloween. This is the same abandoned school as in Black Widow photos. I will be posting several of these before Halloween.
Valokuvalla kerrottua -exhibition
Last days to see Kuopio Camera Club “Valokuvalla kerrottua” photo exhibition  in Kuopio Main Library 27.09 – 9.10.2021.
Finnish Photo Awards
Finalist and Honorable mention from Finnish Photo Awards in creative portrait section.