3D printed leather stamps
I wanted to stamp custom logos to leather. I needed it for hobby use, so metal stamps are out of the question. I 3D printed one for a test and, those seem to work very well. They are fast and easy to make too. I made a coaster with my logo for myself. The wallet...
End of Excitement
I bought this red beanie, and I thought it might pop out in a portrait. I had the light set up ready for the award portrait, so it was easy to test it out. At First, I thought that I will only make one image, but when I was selecting the one I saw these...
New York Photography Awards 2021
Gold for “The Dark Room” (8 images) in COVID-19 Related Photography – Fine Art category from New York Photography Awards 2021.
Pat #10
We were taking a new passport photo and I took a portrait with the same setup. With a creative editing it worked surprisingly good.
Award Portrait
New awards and honours for Kuopio Camera Club. I took this portrait for Seppo winning the best of show challenge cup in AFCC annual theme competition. I received NFFF NSMiF/D1 honour which were given in the same opening ceremony of the theme competition. One more honourable mention and two more honours were also received by...