Mono portraits
I rarely do mono images, but these one-light portraits worked nicely in black and white. These images were quite ready from the camera, which is rare for me. I usually have much more layers in photoshop, but this was a nice change.
Katana Triptych
We took quite a lot of poses with the katana sword. In photoshop, I started to think about manga comics and decided to try something similar visually. I ended up doing this triptych with three different poses from the shoot.
Chair in the Corridor
I haven’t used the camera club studio for a while. The corridor to the studio has these massive metal doors. I took my chair with me and carried it to the place for this shot. In photoshop, I tightened the doorway a little since it was wide.
These kind of wigs are hard to photograph for me. They shine quite unnaturally and have lot, I mean a lot, of flyaway hair to edit. Also the rim lights were a bit hot but I think I managed to get the hair in a state that looks good to me.
Skull and the Book
It took some time to finish these vampire images since me and my wife renovated our bedroom. At some point one wall was in bare concrete so I took some photos for textures. That ended up straight to the background of these images with some older textures.
Time has come
I have dome vampire themes before and it was time to get back to theme of longer teeth. I was tethering with Lightroom and decided to add our living room tv as a second display to Macbook Air. It was really simple using Apple TV and model could see the image right a way in...