Sword on the Wall
I have been longing for a long sword for a long time, just to display it on my wall. I will be using it as a prop in some photoshoots too. Cross-guard of the sword has two loops in it, so I thought I could use towel hooks to hang it on the wall. It...
We got rid of the old bookshelf which was mainly made from chipboard, but there were some birch wood and drawer bottoms to save. As a summer project, I thought that I make a drawer for my current desk. I wanted to use salvaged material as much as possible. All 3D printed parts can be...
Cable Relief – laptop
I already have cable relief for the camera and wanted to do something similar for the laptop.
From the Darkness I will Rise
I’m planning a new series now that summer is ending. Alongside that, I have some summer projects still going on. To get a break, I just wanted to take some photographs to get to the back of the camera.
European Photography Awards 2022
Category Winner and Platinum for “The Dark Room” (8 images) in “Special Category – COVID-19 Photography” category from European Photography Awards 2022.
FIAP News August 2022
The Dark Room MFIAP story in FIAP News August 2022 Issue.