Autumn Images
These images are from this autumn, taken with three different cameras (Fuji GFX 50s, Nikon D850, and iPhone 13 Pro). I wanted to test new Lightroom features, so I edited images from the harbour only in Lightroom. The new masking tools are a huge improvement and enable quite a complex editing without photoshop. I also...
Fool for a king
Something a bit more conceptual for the last image from the self-portrait day shoot. The crown and the tophat are mine, but I made the tophat look like a hat from the mad hatter in photoshop.
Black Tears
The idea of the makeup came after taking this image. I just thought that it needed some extra. I found joker makeup images that I took in 2013. I then added that makeup to this image, and it looked much more like my kind of image.
The Fly
I have seen these portraits with a clear grid reflection on sunglasses. When I found these big round black sunglasses, I decided to give it a try. The image immediately reminded me of a fly, so naming the image was easy. I rarely make monochrome images, but I think it suited this one well. It...
I took one passport photo, and since my home studio was open, I took some self-portraits. One thing I tested was how this 110mm lens looks wide open. It is incredibly sharp, even in f/2. The second thing I tested was the automatic eye detection for self-portraits. It worked well in smaller apertures, but it...