Naked Dame
My son and his classmates had schoolwork to make a fair stand to sell something. They wanted to sell naughty cookies, Xmas calendars and such and “hired” me as their graphic designer and photographer. So Xmas-themed ad we did.
Group Yopparai
Bunch of guys renting a cottage once in a while to hang out together. I got a job taking a group portrait. There was a nice place outside to take one. The wind was so cold that we didn’t want to be there more than was absolutely necessary. The photographer might have been under the...
How I Move – Sari
– “I can photograph you with the green Škoda for this series.”– “No, I prefer the electric bike.”– “Well, that’s fine as well.”That was the conversation with my wife to get her to be part of the “How I Move” series. I wanted the water behind the bike to be smoother. It was simple enough,...
FIDC 2021, 8th Kuopio salon graphics
FIDC 2021, 8th Kuopio Salon: Poster design and video graphics.
How I Move – Henna
Another image pair for the “How I Move” series. Horses are a bit trickier to photograph in this style. While he was a good sport there is always a little movement between frames like it would with humans too. Takes a bit longer in post and have to use different techniques for layer blending but...