Millennium Falcon
I’ve held onto several cherished Lego mechanic sets from my childhood. Recently, I decided to bring two of them back to life – the 8860 car and the 857 motorcycle – and displayed them on my shelf. This sparked an idea to tackle a larger, more ambitious project. The 7541-piece Millennium Falcon 75192 (you can...
The Dark Room in FIAP Exhibition Center (II)
The Dark Room series is exhibited at the Semeyes Del Mundo Langreo, Spain between September 14th – September 30th as part of the The FIAP Exhibition Cycle 2023. Links: Exodos, FIAP.
Leather and Chrome
I snapped an extra shot during the last ‘How I Move’ shoot. I might’ve gone a bit heavier on the lighting, though I wasn’t entirely prepped. But hey, sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got.
How I Move – Timo
Introducing the second installment in the “How I Move” series for this autumn – this time featuring a striking motorcycle. The owner’s vision called for a raw, uncompromising concrete backdrop, a choice that harmonizes seamlessly with the essence of this remarkable machine.
How I Move – Mikko
Autumn’s arrival signals the perfect moment to resume the ‘How I Move’ series. Mikko, a fellow photographer from our local camera club, was the inaugural subject. Stay tuned for more to follow.