Back to Back

It’s always those little things
Ones that seem not matter
But they always do


Unspoken things you can’t notice
Too small worth to mention
Perhaps only to you


It’s always those little things
Secrets you wish to keep
Remaining untold


Some forgiven, none forgotten
Dwelling on the thoughts
Midwinter’s cold


Back to back
One last chance to turn around
To keep away from the killing ground
Where the worlds are bound to collide


Back to back
You still mean a world to me
I only wish I could make you see
How proud I am to have you by my side


For the sake of our lives
I cannot live worlds apart
For the sake of our lives
I can’t survive worlds apart


Back to back
Plastered with some warning signs
A minefield of words as enemy lines
Is it peace or war we ought to make


Back to back
Trespassers may get shot
Then again, you are all I’ve got
The chance I will just have to take

Lyric by Jari Hämynen

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