Camera Club Logo Design
New logo design for the local camera club, Kuopion Kameraseura, for its 70th-anniversary. The previous logo was generic, so this time, I aimed to incorporate something distinctive from Kuopio. The Puijo Tower is certainly a recognizable landmark in Kuopio.
FIDC 2021, 9th Kuopio salon graphics
FIDC 2021, 9th Kuopio Salon: Poster design and video graphics. This was the eighth time I created graphics for the Kuopio Salon and also the eighth time I served as a member of the jury for the Kuopio Salon.
Flash Cover
I found myself in need of a protective cap for one of my flashes. Rather than waiting for one to arrive from China, I decided to take matters into my own hands and design and 3D print one myself. Not only was it a quicker solution, but it also allowed me to customize the design...
FIDC 2021, 8th Kuopio salon graphics
FIDC 2021, 8th Kuopio Salon: Poster design and video graphics.
DIY Minimalist Leather Wallet
I wanted to give a handmade wallet as a Christmas gift. I could not find a template that I was entirely happy with, so I took pieces from here and there and designed my template. It’s a minimalist wallet with two card slots and a pocket in the middle for some cash. You can download...
3D printed leather stamps
I wanted to stamp custom logos to leather. I needed it for hobby use, so metal stamps are out of the question. I 3D printed one for a test and, those seem to work very well. They are fast and easy to make too. I made a coaster with my logo for myself. The wallet...
FIDC Logo Design
Logo design for the Finland International Digital Circuit photo competition. This is the same competition where I have been a judge for a seven years in a row now (Kuopio Salon).
FIDC 2021, 7th Kuopio Salon Poster design and video graphics. I selected this monochrome image by Linda Kirkhope for the poster from this years awarded images because I think it has lot of attitude in it (like even the image title says).
Valokuvalla Kerrottua
Poster design and small animation for local camera club photo exhibition. Kuopio Camera Club “Valokuvalla kerrottua” photo exhibition is held in Kuopio Main Library 27.09 – 9.10.2021.
FDC 2030, 6th Kuopio Salon Graphics. No need for a poster this year because of the COVID-19.
Rapid Manufacturing
We have had this ugly air vent in our WC for years. I knew that when I get the 3D printer I have to do something to it. Since this is only a decorative piece and it does not have to protect anything and you can print pretty much any shape I was able to...
Kuopio Poster
I’m renovating my workroom and wanted to design some artwork for the new walls. I stumbled upon this nice city roads project that enables you to see and download all roads (and nothing else) in vector form. It uses open street map data to do this so the map is very detailed. If you are...
FDC 2019, 5th Kuopio Salon Poster design. Keeping the clean design that has been deemed appropriate.
Portfolio Update
I updated my portfolio and removed the series menu. I made cover images for all the series and used them as a grid instead. I think this looks cleaner.
T-Shirt Designs
When I have an urge to design something I often do a T-Shirt design. There are quite a few of them already. If you want to support my photography you can actually purchase them from Spreadshirt.
Somnium Photoshop Panel
I needed a Photoshop panel that mimics my workflow and speeds up my making process. Since I’m also a nerd I decided to gather all my techniques that I have learnt during the years to one panel. I also made some icon design along the way. Learning new things keeps life interesting. First release i...
Intro Animation
Intro animation design for Photoshop panel that I’m working on. No release dates yet.
FDC 2018, 4th Kuopio Salon Poster design. Keeping the clean design that has been deemed appropriate.
New theme for the Blog
A small summer project. Picture centric and very minimal style for wordpress. Some website design and some coding so not all coding skills are forgotten…