Poster for Kuopio Photo International
Poster design for the Kuopio Photo International. Award ceremony and public showing of photos in movie theatre Kuvakukko in Kuopio, Finland 7.6.2018 18:00.
Kuopio Photo International intro
Design for Kuopio Photo International intro video. Image videos coming to Kuopio Camera Club youtube after public showing in Kuvakukko 7.6.2018.
Certificate Design
  New certificate design for the Kuopio Photo International competition held by our local Kuopio Camera Club. I was also one of the Jury members in the competition. Results are now out.
Award Design
Award designs for Kuopio Photo International.
Photo Competition UI Design
I made earlier a quick ui concept what I think the UI for photo competition upload could be. Today I made a similar concept for judging interface and combined them in a single video. Nice to do some UI design for a change.
Decided to use same template for FDC 2017 poster as last year since I’m quite happy with it. If you happen to be in Kuopio, Finland 13.11.2017 you are welcome to check out the best images of Finland Digital Circuit, 3rd Kuopio Salon in Kuvakukko movie theatre. There is no entry fee.  
New domain and stuff
I changed my domain to As a side effect I decided to learn something totally new and I updated my video intro. This time I made it with Black Magic Fusion 9 which is something similar to DaVinci Resolve as After Effects is for Premiere. Basic version is a free download which is good when you...
The Kraken
We went to a carshow in Lahti and there was this steampunk hotrod that got my attention. At home I decided to make this poster like image from the car images.
New poster for the photo competition ‘Finland Digital Circuit – 2nd Kuopio Salon’ held by Kuopio Camera Club this autumn for the 2nd time.
DFM 2015 Poster
New poster for the photo competition ‘Digifotomaraton’ held by Kuopio Camera Club this summer for the 18th time.
Niko’s Poster
Niko asked me to make a poster for his coming photo exhibition. He has made photos inspired by the lyrics of the Finnish band called Poets of the Fall. For the poster I tried to keep the melancholic feel found from the photos and the lyrics.
New Poster
VB Photographics centre wanted a poster for the yearly exhibition of association of Finnish camera clubs and Kuopio camera club 60 years anniversary exhibition. They wanted a clear design and it was a really short notice so the design is pretty similar to their previous poster. I think I managed to find four photos that...
Couple of new poster designs for the local camera club. This year Kuopio camera club is responsible of the yearly exhibition of The Association of Finnish Camera Clubs and another one is for the exhibition of the ‘Digifotomaraton’ pictures.
Digifotomaraton Poster
This week I have been designing a draft for a new poster for Photo Competition ‘Digifotomaraton’ held by Kuopio Camera Club this summer.  As usual I started the project by browsing the internet and found several ideas for the poster. I like the KISS priciple so I tried to keep the look clean. Did I...