The Dark Room in FIAP Exhibition Center (II)
The Dark Room series is exhibited at the Semeyes Del Mundo Langreo, Spain between September 14th – September 30th as part of the The FIAP Exhibition Cycle 2023. Links: Exodos, FIAP.
The Dark Room in FIAP Exhibition Center
The Dark Room series is exhibited at the Salvador Vilaseca Museum, Reus, Spain between June 8th – July 9th as part of the The FIAP Exhibition Cycle 2023. Links: Federació Catalana de Fotografia, Confederación Española de Fotografía, Museu de Reus, Reus Digital, Exhibition Photos.
Valokuvalla kerrottua -exhibition
Last days to see Kuopio Camera Club “Valokuvalla kerrottua” photo exhibition  in Kuopio Main Library 27.09 – 9.10.2021.
Borderless exhibition
Happy to be a part of the “Borderless” Exhibition located in Galeri RJ Katamsi, ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia, a collaboration between Photography Society of America Worldwide and Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta.
Valokuvalla Kerrottua
Poster design and small animation for local camera club photo exhibition. Kuopio Camera Club “Valokuvalla kerrottua” photo exhibition is held in Kuopio Main Library 27.09 – 9.10.2021.
Eminenssikuvaajien näyttelyvaliot
“Eminenssikuvaajien näyttelyvaliot” – exhibition now open (2.7. – 31.8.2021) in Kuopio University Hospital. Corridors G1 – A1. Exhibition is a collection of images from AFCC photographers that have achieved “Eminenssikuvaaja” honorary title. It includes couple of my images.
AFCC Exhibition in Helsinki
AFCC has “Eminenssikuvaajien Näyttelyvaliot” group exhibition in Helsinki. It has couple of my images and one ended up in the exhibition poster.
“Kerroksia” Photo Exhibition Now Open
“Kerroksia” photo exhibition is now open in art centre Väinölä, Varkaus, Finland. It’s open until 28.9 Mon-Fri 10-17.
Photo Exhibition “Kerroksia”
My photography exhibition ”Kerroksia” (“Layers”) in Art centre Väinölä, Varkaus, Finland 3.9.-28.9.2018. For the silhouette image I used softbox behind me. Works great. I traced the image in Inkscape by hand and imported it in photoshop. I wanted a retro look and choose an appropriate font for that. Heavy grain and color grading finished the...
Runokuvaa 2
I went to see the Runo kuvaa 2 exhibition in Helsinki yesterday. It was a nice little exhibition in an atmospheric cellar space. Works in the exhibition show wide variety of photographic and writing styles which I think works really well. If you want to see it it’s open until 2.2 2018 in Helsingin Kellariteatteri, Helsinki,...
Runokuvaa 2
Imperfect is part of the Runokuvaa 2 (Poet pictures) project ( There are eight image series/video and poet pairs in the exhibition in Helsingin Kellariteatteri, Helsinki, Finland 27.1 – 2.2 2018.
Back home from the Fotofinlandia trip to Helsinki (and Tampere). I didn’t have a budget to make prints that I wanted so I had to settle to normal prints. I thought I’ll highlight the simple prints by hanging them on the wall as plain prints. First I was going to use magnets but I changed...
Summer Exhibition
Summer exhibition at Jori’s Bar. Atmospheric bar can be found from Kuopio center at Vuorikatu 26.
VB Exhibitions
Annual exhibition of association of Finnish camera clubs and Kuopio camera club 60 years anniversary exhibition is now open in VB photographic centre.
Under the Kuopio Marketplace
As a photographer of the year in local camera club I got an opportunity to put some of my photos on display under the Kuopio marketplace. It’s in the Apaja-hallway near Anttila entrance when you come in from the underground parking lot.
“Piirikilpailu” exhibition
“Piirikilpailu” photos are on display under the Kuopio market place.
Photo Exhibition
Kuopio Camera Club has photo exhibition in Kuopio City Library between 27.02.2012 – 03.03.2012. This is the first time I have my photos in a public exhibition and I decided to choose six photos from the ‘Life of Helmut‘ series. When I arrived to the library I noticed that I was a bit unprepared and...