Flash Clock featured in…
“How a Photographer Built the Ultimate DIY Digital Clock Inside a Flash Unit” – Petapixel website“This Diy Clock Was Built Into The Case Of An Old On-Camera Flash” – DIY Photography website
1x virtual exhibition
My virtual exhibition, titled “Beyond the Veil”, has been highlighted as the featured exhibition on 1x.com for this month.
Fstoppers Photographer of the Month
I’m thrilled to share that I have been chosen as the Fstoppers Photographer of the Month for June 2023.
In the Corner – Fstopppers POTD
In the Corner
The Dark Room in Kamera magazine
The Dark Room series had the honor of being featured in the Finnish Kamera magazine.
Chair in the Corridor – Fstopppers POTD
Chair in the Corridor
Interview With The 2022 EPA Category Winner of the Year
Interview With The 2022 European Photography Awards Category Winner of the Year – Petri Damstén
Zipper Pulls featured in DIY Photography
DIY Photography: Personalizing My Bags With Killer Zippers
Remote on a Pole featured in…
DIY Photography: How i made a diy remote on a pole adapter for operating both camera and light on my ownPetapixel: How I Attached a Camera Remote to a Handheld Light Pole
Headliner – Photo Magazine
Couple of images in Headliner – Photo Magazine. Magazine was created as a closing project for the University of Art Zürich by creationship student Daniel Tscharner.
EFSAD Interview
I was interviewed by Eskişehir Photography Art Association (EFSAD).
The Dark Room featured in…
DIY Photography: The Dark Room Photo Project Mixes Life-size Models with 1:6 Scale Diy Props Petapixel: The Dark Room: Shooting a Series with Life-Size Models and 1:6 Scale Props
1x – Welcome to Covid Land
”Blind Justice” featured in “1x magazine – Welcome to Covid Land“.
Skeleton in the Closet Critiqued
Skeleton in the Closet critiqued by the Fstoppers guys in the “Critique the Community – Photography That Tells A Story”.
Trierenberg Quintessence 2000-2020
“Mmm, Chocolate” featured in Trierenberg Super Circuit Quintessence 2000-2020 book. Images were selected from more than 1 500 000 images sent to Tierenberg Super Circuit in the past 20 years.
Gobo Holder featured in…
DIY Photography: How I Built a Diy Gobo Projector for Under $30 Petapixel: How I Made a DIY Gobo Holder for Studio Strobes 3DPrint.com: 3D Printed GOBO Projector Holder and Adapter Made by Award-Winning Finnish Photographer
1x – Do You See? Really? Do You? What Do You See?
”The Duel” featured in “1x magazine – Do You See? Really? Do You? What Do You See?“.
Highlander – The Cave – Fstoppers POTD
Fstoppers Photo of the Day: “Highlander – The Cave”.
A tiny smoke machine featured in…
Petapixel: How I Turned an E-cigarette Into a Tiny Smoke Machine for Photo Shoots DIY Photography: How I made a tiny smoke machine from an electric cigarette ISO1200: How to Make a Tiny DIY Smoke Machine
Burning Breakfast Critiqued
”Burning Breakfast” critiqued by Antti Karppinen in the Kohinaa channel in “Photoshopped” theme.