Nordic Championship of Photography – collection/series 2023
I was awarded the NFFF Gold at the Nordic Championship of Photography – collection/series 2023 for my ‘The Boxer’ series. I don’t think I have ever received perfect scores from every judge, neither for an image series nor for a single image.
How I Move – Johanna
The “How I Move” series ventures forth with the timeless classic, the Citroën 2CV, its vibrant orange hue harmonizing seamlessly with the carpet of autumn leaves. While the backdrop trees retained a touch of green, they were deftly retouched to exude a more distinctly autumnal aura.
How I Move – Jussi
The third installment in the “How I Move” series for this autumn features the BMW 335xi, a vehicle belonging to my son’s close friend. I inquired if he’d like to participate in this photographic venture, and the result is captured in the following images.
Millennium Falcon
I’ve held onto several cherished Lego mechanic sets from my childhood. Recently, I decided to bring two of them back to life – the 8860 car and the 857 motorcycle – and displayed them on my shelf. This sparked an idea to tackle a larger, more ambitious project. The 7541-piece Millennium Falcon 75192 (you can...
The Dark Room in FIAP Exhibition Center (II)
The Dark Room series is exhibited at the Semeyes Del Mundo Langreo, Spain between September 14th – September 30th as part of the The FIAP Exhibition Cycle 2023. Links: Exodos, FIAP.
Leather and Chrome
I snapped an extra shot during the last ‘How I Move’ shoot. I might’ve gone a bit heavier on the lighting, though I wasn’t entirely prepped. But hey, sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got.
How I Move – Timo
Introducing the second installment in the “How I Move” series for this autumn – this time featuring a striking motorcycle. The owner’s vision called for a raw, uncompromising concrete backdrop, a choice that harmonizes seamlessly with the essence of this remarkable machine.
How I Move – Mikko
Autumn’s arrival signals the perfect moment to resume the ‘How I Move’ series. Mikko, a fellow photographer from our local camera club, was the inaugural subject. Stay tuned for more to follow.
1x virtual exhibition
My virtual exhibition, titled “Beyond the Veil”, has been highlighted as the featured exhibition on for this month.
Eternal Sleep
This time, there’s no fancy song or poem, just an old idea that fits perfectly into this series. The photo features a mix of miniature and life-sized elements. I gathered the branches from a nearby forest during spring and let them dry. The tombstone and coffin were already made for a previous picture. The raven...
Fstoppers Photographer of the Month
I’m thrilled to share that I have been chosen as the Fstoppers Photographer of the Month for June 2023.
Landscape photography is hard. I’m used to being able to position items and people wherever I want. I can also move lights and adjust their power in the studio, making it much easier. Even in locations like Finnish national park Koli, which offers a magnificent view over Lake Pielinen, a studio photographer like me can...
The Dark Room in FIAP Exhibition Center
The Dark Room series is exhibited at the Salvador Vilaseca Museum, Reus, Spain between June 8th – July 9th as part of the The FIAP Exhibition Cycle 2023. Links: Federació Catalana de Fotografia, Confederación Española de Fotografía, Museu de Reus, Reus Digital, Exhibition Photos.
Two Graves
This image takes inspiration from a proverb by Confucius about revenge. I enlisted my son as a model for this project. To give the portrait an old photograph vibe, I added water damage and greases for an authentic look. Additionally, I created a plain monochrome version of this image and another frame from the same...
Kuopio Fighter Club
For the final image in this series, I aimed for a simple portrait. The white wall appeared somewhat dull, so I introduced some color and texture to enhance it. I would like to extend my gratitude to the Kuopio Fighter Club for generously allowing us to shoot on their premises.
Ringside Thoughts
I wanted to capture an image with a slightly different mood – a boxer lost in thought beside the ring, conveying a sense of melancholy compared to the rest of the images. Unfortunately, I often forget to take setup images, particularly when shooting outside my studio. However, this time I happened to have one image...
Punching Bag Alley
I’m still using this collection of punching bags. For this image, I wanted to create the impression of a larger hall, so I mirrored the right half of the image. It’s easy to notice that it’s mirrored, but personally, I find that it works quite well.
In the Corner – Fstopppers POTD
In the Corner
The Punch
Near the ring, there was a cluster of punching bags that were already featured in the previous image. I found them quite picturesque and incorporated them into half of the images. Otherwise, capturing a shot like this was a ‘must have’ for the boxing series.
The boxer series continues with this captivating shot from behind. The boxer’s hoodie had a shiny appearance, prompting me to deliberately underexpose the image to preserve the highlights. Since I aimed to create a moody atmosphere, this approach also resulted in darker white walls.