Interview With The 2022 EPA Category Winner of the Year
Interview With The 2022 European Photography Awards Category Winner of the Year – Petri Damstén
Naked Dame
My son and his classmates had schoolwork to make a fair stand to sell something. They wanted to sell naughty cookies, Xmas calendars and such and “hired” me as their graphic designer and photographer. So Xmas-themed ad we did.
Group Yopparai
Bunch of guys renting a cottage once in a while to hang out together. I got a job taking a group portrait. There was a nice place outside to take one. The wind was so cold that we didn’t want to be there more than was absolutely necessary. The photographer might have been under the...
FIDC 2021, 8th Kuopio salon graphics
FIDC 2021, 8th Kuopio Salon: Poster design and video graphics.
How I Move – Henna
Another image pair for the “How I Move” series. Horses are a bit trickier to photograph in this style. While he was a good sport there is always a little movement between frames like it would with humans too. Takes a bit longer in post and have to use different techniques for layer blending but...
Autumn Images
These images are from this autumn, taken with three different cameras (Fuji GFX 50s, Nikon D850, and iPhone 13 Pro). I wanted to test new Lightroom features, so I edited images from the harbour only in Lightroom. The new masking tools are a huge improvement and enable quite a complex editing without photoshop. I also...
Fool for a king
Something a bit more conceptual for the last image from the self-portrait day shoot. The crown and the tophat are mine, but I made the tophat look like a hat from the mad hatter in photoshop.
Black Tears
The idea of the makeup came after taking this image. I just thought that it needed some extra. I found joker makeup images that I took in 2013. I then added that makeup to this image, and it looked much more like my kind of image.
The Fly
I have seen these portraits with a clear grid reflection on sunglasses. When I found these big round black sunglasses, I decided to give it a try. The image immediately reminded me of a fly, so naming the image was easy. I rarely make monochrome images, but I think it suited this one well. It...
I took one passport photo, and since my home studio was open, I took some self-portraits. One thing I tested was how this 110mm lens looks wide open. It is incredibly sharp, even in f/2. The second thing I tested was the automatic eye detection for self-portraits. It worked well in smaller apertures, but it...
How I Move – Kari
I was going to continue the “How I Move” series earlier, but the pandemic got in the way. But I think now is a good time to continue this project. For a first new pair of images I photographing Kari and his Triumph. If you want to join in the series there is more info...
Outdoor portraits
A bit of different style of images this time. These were taken in Vuorilampi, Kuopio, Finland. Great place for a walk in the forest and some photographs.
Zipper Pulls featured in DIY Photography
DIY Photography: Personalizing My Bags With Killer Zippers
Macro Keyboard
I wanted to test how Expresskeys EK-84 custom keyboard works as a photoshop macro keyboard. It was not as easy as I initially thought. I ended up writing some python, photoshop javascript, doing some woodworking and drawing a bunch of icons in Inkscape to get it where I wanted. All the code and files can...
Overhead pole
I wanted to have an overhead pole over the work table, where I can hang things like safety equipment and painted stuff. I also added a simple camera mount there so I can take photos and video from the top-down perspective. 3MF files for the 3D printed parts can be downloaded here. They are made...
Cable Relief – laptop
I already have cable relief for the camera and wanted to do something similar for the laptop.
From the Darkness I will Rise
I’m planning a new series now that summer is ending. Alongside that, I have some summer projects still going on. To get a break, I just wanted to take some photographs to get to the back of the camera.
European Photography Awards 2022
Category Winner and Platinum for “The Dark Room” (8 images) in “Special Category – COVID-19 Photography” category from European Photography Awards 2022.
FIAP News August 2022
The Dark Room MFIAP story in FIAP News August 2022 Issue.
Summer portraits
Idea was to take summer portraits. I think I would need much more practise to take happy and colourful images. It’s just not my cup of tea.