How I Move – Johanna
The “How I Move” series ventures forth with the timeless classic, the Citroën 2CV, its vibrant orange hue harmonizing seamlessly with the carpet of autumn leaves. While the backdrop trees retained a touch of green, they were deftly retouched to exude a more distinctly autumnal aura.
How I Move – Jussi
The third installment in the “How I Move” series for this autumn features the BMW 335xi, a vehicle belonging to my son’s close friend. I inquired if he’d like to participate in this photographic venture, and the result is captured in the following images.
Leather and Chrome
I snapped an extra shot during the last ‘How I Move’ shoot. I might’ve gone a bit heavier on the lighting, though I wasn’t entirely prepped. But hey, sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got.
How I Move – Timo
Introducing the second installment in the “How I Move” series for this autumn – this time featuring a striking motorcycle. The owner’s vision called for a raw, uncompromising concrete backdrop, a choice that harmonizes seamlessly with the essence of this remarkable machine.
How I Move – Mikko
Autumn’s arrival signals the perfect moment to resume the ‘How I Move’ series. Mikko, a fellow photographer from our local camera club, was the inaugural subject. Stay tuned for more to follow.
Eternal Sleep
This time, there’s no fancy song or poem, just an old idea that fits perfectly into this series. The photo features a mix of miniature and life-sized elements. I gathered the branches from a nearby forest during spring and let them dry. The tombstone and coffin were already made for a previous picture. The raven...
Gold for Dystopia
NSFF Gold for Dystopia photo video from Nordiskt Fotomästerskap Bildspel 2023. The photo series “Dystopia” was completed some time ago, but I decided to turn it into a video presentation when a photo competition was announced by the Nordic Society of Photography. These photos from the series are still dear to me and, considering the...
Edits 2022
As the final task of the year for my photography, I updated my portfolio and created a video showcasing my Photoshop edits from 2022, including lighting diagrams. I tend to watch these edit videos through myself to identify any mistakes I may have made and use them as a learning opportunity for myself too. I...
Freddy vs Jason
I first bought the Freddy Krueger glove to put it on the shelve. Then I thought that why not make a photo shoot out of it. To make an outfit complete, I needed to buy a couple of more things like the mask and the iconic shirt. My son promised to be Freddy, and I...
Intro Video
I wanted to add an intro video to my youtube channel and therefore played with my photos in DaVinci resolve. It’s a very capable program which also means not the easiest one. I took my time and learned a lot more about making the animations, speed ramps, etc. and now have a couple of new...
Remote on a Pole
I ripped off the legs of an old light stand, so it’s just a handheld pole with the light. I also want to use the camera remote control when holding the light. That way, I can operate my camera on a tripod when I don’t have an assistant. The STL file for the remote holder...
DIY Minimalist Leather Wallet
I wanted to give a handmade wallet as a Christmas gift. I could not find a template that I was entirely happy with, so I took pieces from here and there and designed my template. It’s a minimalist wallet with two card slots and a pocket in the middle for some cash. You can download...
Setups and edits from 2021 2nd Half
Setups and edits from 2021 2nd Half.
Super cheap and easy DIY mask stand
I needed a mask display stand for my Freddy Krueger latex mask from Trick or Treat Studios. I ended up making this super cheap DIY stand that was fast to make. You only need some leftover wood, a screw, an empty soda bottle and a black sock (in my case a one without a pair).
Setups and edits from 2021 1st Half
Setups and edits from 2021 1st Half.
Valokuvalla Kerrottua
Poster design and small animation for local camera club photo exhibition. Kuopio Camera Club “Valokuvalla kerrottua” photo exhibition is held in Kuopio Main Library 27.09 – 9.10.2021.
The Dark Room: The Story
Photoart project mixing life-size models, 1:6 scale props and digital backgrounds. I was listening to my favourite band Sentenced and their album “The Cold White Light”. While listening I started thinking “Should I make images from the songs in my favourite album?”. Well, that was the original plan in February 2020. Now ideas have gone...
Setups and edits from 2020 2nd Half
Setups and edits from 2020 2nd Half.
Making the Room
A short tutorial of how the room for the dark room series was made in photoshop.