Remote on a Pole
I ripped off the legs of an old light stand, so it’s just a handheld pole with the light. I also want to use the camera remote control when holding the light. That way, I can operate my camera on a tripod when I don’t have an assistant. The STL file for the remote holder...
DIY Minimalist Leather Wallet
I wanted to give a handmade wallet as a Christmas gift. I could not find a template that I was entirely happy with, so I took pieces from here and there and designed my template. It’s a minimalist wallet with two card slots and a pocket in the middle for some cash. You can download...
Setups and edits from 2021 2nd Half
Setups and edits from 2021 2nd Half.
Super cheap and easy DIY mask stand
I needed a mask display stand for my Freddy Krueger latex mask from Trick or Treat Studios. I ended up making this super cheap DIY stand that was fast to make. You only need some leftover wood, a screw, an empty soda bottle and a black sock (in my case a one without a pair).
Setups and edits from 2021 1st Half
Setups and edits from 2021 1st Half.
Valokuvalla Kerrottua
Poster design and small animation for local camera club photo exhibition. Kuopio Camera Club “Valokuvalla kerrottua” photo exhibition is held in Kuopio Main Library 27.09 – 9.10.2021.
The Dark Room: The Story
Photoart project mixing life-size models, 1:6 scale props and digital backgrounds. I was listening to my favourite band Sentenced and their album “The Cold White Light”. While listening I started thinking “Should I make images from the songs in my favourite album?”. Well, that was the original plan in February 2020. Now ideas have gone...
Setups and edits from 2020 2nd Half
Setups and edits from 2020 2nd Half.
Making the Room
A short tutorial of how the room for the dark room series was made in photoshop.
The Mask
I made this mask for a self-portrait series. Since I’m working in a home studio on my own I take the mask off constantly after a couple of frames (visibility in the mask is very limited as is expected). So wrapping the bandage was not an option for every shot. I managed to get the...
Setups and Edits 2020 1st Half
Setups and edit from 2020 1st Half.
Mmm Chocolate Critiqued
”Mmm, chocolate” critiqued by Antti Karppinen in the Kohinaa channel in “Self Portrait” theme.  
Setups and Edit 2019/Q4
Setups and edit from 2019/Q4.
Be Careful…
Rory lights proposed collaboration with them. They have rechargeable battery powered video light that works also with AA batteries. I wanted to try something that combines continuous lights and strobes. First I had some reflective ribbons in the background with the fan but I did not like it. Final image is a 8s exposure in...
Finnfoto PhotoNyt Presentation
Finnfoto PhotoNyt Roadshow presentation (in Finnish) held in Puijonsarvi hotel 28.10.2019.
Setups and edit from 2019/Q3.
Setups and edit from 2019/Q2.
Light Painting Basics
A short video for local camera club training about light painting.
Setups and edit 2019/Q1
Setups and edit from 2019/Q1. 
Masculinity, The Story
  I have always found that the old model of what man should be is too restricted and often harmful. It inspired me to start this series and share my thoughts as images. “Toxic masculinity” term is used a lot nowadays and it was one of the things that made me think these issues more....