Mmm Chocolate Critiqued
”Mmm, chocolate” critiqued by Antti Karppinen in the Kohinaa channel in “Self Portrait” theme.  
Setups and Edit 2019/Q4
Setups and edit from 2019/Q4.
Be Careful…
Rory lights proposed collaboration with them. They have rechargeable battery powered video light that works also with AA batteries. I wanted to try something that combines continuous lights and strobes. First I had some reflective ribbons in the background with the fan but I did not like it. Final image is a 8s exposure in...
Finnfoto PhotoNyt Presentation
Finnfoto PhotoNyt Roadshow presentation (in Finnish) held in Puijonsarvi hotel 28.10.2019.
Setups and edit from 2019/Q3.
Setups and edit from 2019/Q2.
Light Painting Basics
A short video for local camera club training about light painting.
Setups and edit 2019/Q1
Setups and edit from 2019/Q1. 
Masculinity, The Story
  I have always found that the old model of what man should be is too restricted and often harmful. It inspired me to start this series and share my thoughts as images. “Toxic masculinity” term is used a lot nowadays and it was one of the things that made me think these issues more....
Setups and edits from 2018/Q4
Setups and edits from 2018/Q4.
Intro Animation
Intro animation design for Photoshop panel that I’m working on. No release dates yet.
Setups & Edits 2018/Q2-Q3
Setups and edit from 2018/Q2-Q3.
Setups & Edits 2018/Q1
I have these layer videos in Instagram with setup images for all my edits nowadays, so I thought that I upload them in YouTube too.
Kuopio Photo International intro
Design for Kuopio Photo International intro video. Image videos coming to Kuopio Camera Club youtube after public showing in Kuvakukko 7.6.2018.
Barber Shop
Local barber came to a visit with his friend and we shot some images. We got inspiration from hindu gods to Edward Scissorhand and created some dark moody images. 
DIY Charging Station
After a longer photo project wanted to do something different. I have wanted some kind of charging station to clear up the wire mess but my wall space is kind of limited. I have used tool cart for photo use and I thought I could hang it there. With this project I thought I also...
Intro Video
52 week photography inspiration challenge fb group challenged to make an intro video about yourself. I got inspired from Bob Dylan Subterranean Homesick Blues music video and did it in horror style. Like Mythbusters said “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.”…
You wake up. Rules of vanity are immediately conquering your mind. Your inside is already burning with a small flame in the breakfast table. You go on but imperfection is the only thing you see in the mirror. Nightmares of the night haunt you during the day and you just want to take a nap...
Black and White theme
I haven’t done anything for the camera club monthly theme for a while so I thought that since it’s the last theme for the year I could do something. Theme is “Black and White” (meaning necessarily a monochrome image). First image is a yin and yang autoportrait where I used large octabox for a background....
New domain and stuff
I changed my domain to As a side effect I decided to learn something totally new and I updated my video intro. This time I made it with Black Magic Fusion 9 which is something similar to DaVinci Resolve as After Effects is for Premiere. Basic version is a free download which is good when you...