DFM 2014

This year I participated to annual digifotomaraton held by Kuopio camera club. There were two categories, 6h and longer 48h. In longer category post processing was allowed so it suited better for me. Still making ten pictures with given themes in that time was a bit too much since I hate deadlines. Well now I have tried that and can get back to normal routine where pictures born naturally with no rush to get them ready. Themes and pictures were:

  1. Flying / Lentoon!, Falling
  2. Ei mitään rakettitiedettä / Not a rocket science, The problem
  3. Innovatiivinen kaupunki / innovative city, Innovative design
  4. Menestys / Success, Winner takes it all
  5. Valmista tekoa / Made ready, About to be ready
  6. Shelfie / Shelfie, Shelfie
  7. Aikuisten oikeesti / Really really, The Serious Obstacle
  8. Kansainvälinen / International, Travelling Man
  9. Sininen on uusi musta / Blue is the new black, The blue game
  10. Keltanokka / Yellow nose (rookie), The poor looser