We got rid of the old bookshelf which was mainly made from chipboard, but there were some birch wood and drawer bottoms to save. As a summer project, I thought that I make a drawer for my current desk. I wanted to use salvaged material as much as possible. All 3D printed parts can be found here.

Drawer features. Walls are made with 4mm plywood and red plastic parts are 3D printed.
I started from the drawer front panel. Oak is from the old toilet doorstep and birch (light line in the middle) from the bookshelf drawers.
Oil really brings the oak to life.
Drawer walls were made from bookshelf drawers.
Walls are held together with wood glue and nails.
The drawer bottom was also salvaged from the bookshelf. I was cut to bit oversized and finished with the router. There were a couple of holes but that doesn’t matter since I’m going to add felt on the bottom.
I had to purchase drawer slides. I wanted to test these soft closing ones. Not sure if I’m a fan. They close nicely but they need some force to pull out which I don’t like.
The top that is needed for attaching it under the table is from 4mm plywood.
Under the table view without the actual drawer.
Shims and double-sided tape were used to get the drawer front to the correct place. Screws were added later.
First sketch
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